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The Bend

Igniting (More Frequent) Conversation

Stove Leg has gotten off to a great start. From our audio side nearing one million downloads on our podcasts, to us pumping out solid content for four different bi-monthly publications, Stove Leg has been a solid leg for artists to stand on as they express their words and skills to the world.

Although we love the traffic that our publications (or "runs") give us,  Stove Leg wants to do more. That "more" includes giving the individual reader the best experience possible, which includes having timely, recent articles for the enjoyment of the reader.

Check out our blog, "The Bend" on the Stove Leg bar at the top of the webpage, or by clicking the button below, and dive into more stories and testimonies, on a more frequent basis.

Credit to our logo for "The Bend" goes to Kristol Whitt, who worked diligently to perfect our logo for this summertime endeavor.

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