True Crimecast: A Podcasting Profile

Jamie and John are not your typical true crime podcasters. Prior to creating the podcast: True Crimecast, which has amassed over a quarter-million downloads in just over a year, the duo had very little experience in the criminal justice field. So what gives? What has shot True Crimecast to not only an impressive download count, but to ranking on ITunes as one of the world’s top podcasts in the personal journals genre? Stove Leg Media has taken a closer look at what makes this podcast, and this podcasting pair, so special. First: what is True Crimecast? True Crimecast is a podcast brought to you by two regular guys, Jamie and John, discussing some of the most terrifying and bizarre cases that

Merry Christmas, President Grant

Merry Christmas, President Grant A Stove Leg Christmas Special I suppose the first time I remember Christmas being notable had to have been back in ’60. Dolores was brought up real Christian, and her English parents made sure she took the traditions with her when she left home to marry me. Oh my sweet Doe, she’d decorate the house and leave little sweets and presents laying around. She’d always harp on me to get on my knees and pray every once and a while. Sometimes I would just to appease her, following, almost mumbling with her every word of the Lord’s Prayer. I wasn’t always faking it, though. Sometimes, late at night, when I couldn’t sleep and was faced with all the bad things I’ve done

You Don't Know Where I'm From

About the creator: Kayla Goodin A photographer from Berea, Kentucky, Kayla Goodin appreciates the beauty in the broken and rotten things of this world. ​ "I'd rather shoot some photos with a cigarette butt on the sidewalk than a person."

The Proletarian Sun

Even in June it refuses the urge to slack off due to extra hours, won’t relax. At seven-it’s a go, lighting the way for a crew, paving the road with light. Sun celebrates their work, dangling prisms on distant mountains, rolls down slopes and builds a head of steam through mist so even dust particles stirred by workers do the rumba down, glisten as flecks of gold, but still Sun means business, shines right through my driver side window, heats my cheek, ear, nose, and on through passenger glass, lights the whole white side of a semi which can‘t seem to get enough work done today, pushing the limits swinging the curves. About the creator: Jimmy Long A native of Buckhannon, West Virginia, Jimmy