How do you identify? The question that is becoming increasingly more common as time goes on. But what is that question really asking and why are people asking it? Identity is significant to us all – who we are, what we believe, what our interests are, and who we associate ourselves with. We take pride in our identities; they set us apart while simultaneously bringing us together. While it is crucial not to ignore the importance of identity, we as a society have formed a narrow definition of what identity really means and have put more emphasis on that definition than what is deemed necessary. While becoming who we are can be a powerful and freeing experience, our identities can be used by ot

Trimming the Ears

*Below is a step by step description of the wooden bowl making process- provided by Brandon Toler.* "Making a wooden bowl is easy, you just take a piece of wood and remove what doesn't look like a bowl." You want to try to find a tree with the right grain that's most likely to stay intact while hitting the wood. Look for a piece as straight as you can get it. Your first cut should take place about an inch or so away from the heart of the tree. The heart tends to want to pop our or crack while making a bowl, so we don't want that giving you problems later on. This cut gives you the top of your bowl. A good sized bowl should be about 16 inches long and about 8 inches wide, but there isn't real

The Shy and the Brave

James glanced down at his shoes, polished a few hours before till they shone like his face. A dozen pairs of black wingtip Oxfords and brown leather Brogues rested in chronological order on a shelf, documenting years of dancing with the holes worn in their soles. He stood in front of a full-length mirror, his belly brushing the smudged glass as he tugged his bow tie into place and smoothed the curls of his thinning hair. He smiled at himself, oddly pleased with his portly appearance. Waltzes played in his head as he trotted down the street under the flickering lamplights, whispering, “One, two, three, one, two, three,” in time with the clip of his heels. His heartbeat hastened as he neared t

5 Things to Know by 25

In late September of 2018, I hit the quarter century mark. I found myself in deep reflection upon the years that compiled my christening of adulthood. Thankfully, this was not a depressing contemplation about how Carson Wentz (9 months older) was an NFL MVP Candidate nor that Niall Horan (13 days older) has a net worth of $70 million. No, this was an internal debate surrounding the most imperative aspects of adulthood that highly average Americans, like myself, need to know, that would not be disseminated in formal education, in order to be successful by the age of 25. This list is by no means a comprehensive gathering of all you need to know, and it most certainly is not an extensive how-to