Defining Happiness

How do you define happiness? All humans can relate to each other when it comes to happiness, because we’re all in search of it. But where humans differ from one another, is how easy or difficult it is for each of us to obtain. This has often come to mind as I’ve explored different countries around the world. What has always intrigued me about traveling is seeing the different ways people find joy in their lives. I am captivated by Netflix’s new show Street Food. The first episode, set in Bangkok, is about a woman named Jay Fai. After a fire in the 1980’s destroyed her home, as well as her seamstress business, she decided she needed to learn to cook in order to make money selling street food.

Spurring Excellence

What works of human ingenuity will it take to spark our next greatest strides? There’s no better time in human history to be an artist, thinker, builder, or creator. Nearly any means you need to express your human experience is at your fingertips. Whether it’s the creatives who are seeking a higher truth through writing, music, and visual arts, or the innovators who are blazing into the future through business and technological ventures. Amidst all of the division, disagreement, and dispute in our culture it seems we’ve become perfectly content with throwing our hands up and settling for what’s in front of us. We focus all of our energy towards solving problems of the past instead of looking

Doing The Thing

As I sit at my desk, I often find myself avoiding the growing pile of things that I need to do, but still finding myself being deceptively productive. Between periods of staring blankly out toward the brightly lit Cincinnati skyline and then back to my slightly luminescent tablet screen, I ponder the work that I continue to avoid doing. The thing that I told myself all morning at work that I’d get done today, and the thing that I said that I would do the day before that, it all has started to run together lately. I turn to Instagram to avoid being too productive. I scroll my thumb from the bottom of the screen to the top, seeing pictures of friends at music festivals, political headlines, ca

Pursuit of Ease

The emergence and surge of technology in our everyday lives has caused an immense shift in the functionality, limits, and enjoyment we experience. Of course, this has fantastic benefits. My friend from college can facetime his parents three oceans away. You can check your bank account on the fly by using your thumbprint to log-in. We have devices in our homes that will talk back to us when asked questions. Our cars can do just about anything, including driving themselves – shouts to Elon. The list goes on and on, and surely your mind has taken you to two-or-three others just in the time it took you to read this list. However, is technology a rose - beautiful and treasured, but plagued with t