Are You A Board Man?

According to Kawhi Leonard averaged 30 points and 9 rebounds per game during his monstrous run in this year’s NBA playoffs, a performance that helped deliver the Toronto Raptors their first ever championship. If you’re not a sports fan don’t click away to another page just yet. Because it’s not merely this sheer athletic performance that has captured the admiration of so many fans, its Leonard’s attitude. Plenty of players are capable of erupting into an explosive tear, particularly when the championship is on the table. These athletes are professionals, that’s what they are paid to do and many of them will let you know this fact. It doesn’t take much time browsing google or socia

The Death of Dating

The dating scene in the big city is one that will terrify the faint of heart. From blind meetups, going out to bars, to dating app swiping, you can find love, lust, and disaster in all corners of downtown. As a single man in the concrete jungle, I’ve given out my fair share of urban courtship. After a topsy-turvy start to the year 2019, I’ve come to an interesting, yet alarming, conclusion: dating is dying. The knee jerk reaction to a statement like that would most likely be related to “hookup culture” or online dating, and how it is speeding up our traditional dating system to a more of a hump-and-dump (an awful saying) experience. I believe that this has much less to do with Tinder than it

Single-Minded America

The Big Sort, released in 2008 by Bill Bishop, is a phenomenal piece of literature designed at identifying, outlining, and analyzing the trend of political polarization in the United States. Before you tune out and skim the remainder of this piece, it does not attack, nor support any particular ideology. At the center of Bishop’s argument rests the notion that as a person spends an increasing amount of time with individuals of the same opinion their beliefs and outlooks will only become stronger, as there will be immense support for the things currently accepted as valid coupled with minimal opposition. This can be said of any outlook. From the Christian Bible, “as iron sharpens iron, so one