Drowning Inside

During the summer of 2015 I took an undergrad course titled “Contemplative Writing”. We took trips to places of worship including a ten day hiatus in the Sonoran Desert. We each had our own writing projects to work on and we were to keep a journal for the length of the class. Apart from the writing, a major aspect of this experience was taking the time to stop and listen. In fact this was stressed as a requirement of the class, some were even told their grade may be impacted due to their inability to hush for more than five seconds. Those mornings and evenings when I walked alone I had a sad realization about myself and many of my peers; We have allowed our inner voices to be drowned by the

Doing the Thing, Part II: Moving

Since graduating high school in 2011, I have moved 7.5 times. Moving is highly comparable to ending a relationship (platonic included), throwing away a beloved pair of jeans, or getting rid of your first car. It comes with varying levels of burden and sadness. It requires thought and preparation. It is nearly always met with levels of uncertainty and doubt. Yet, it has the potential to provide a much-needed upgrade. In 2017, I completed graduate school and scored my first professional position. Hence, the move to my current living situation about forty-five minutes north of undergrad/graduate studies. For the last two years I have lived in a spacious townhouse with two stellar guys. The crib

Pick5's New Music Countdown (07/22/2019)

Pick 5’s Weekly Countdown For the week of 07/22/2019 Giving you the hottest hits of tomorrow, today. 5. Take Some Time – Surfaces A bit of a long shot, but this is an essential addition to your summertime “relaxing by the pool” playlist. https://open.spotify.com/track/0Ie1ea9VHGbktOaz5PsazO?si=Nnw5a8XLSr-9-OlpoB3Sxg 4. I.F.L.Y- Bazzi Bazzi is back with a solid tune – I feel as if you only can listen to him when the weather is warm. https://open.spotify.com/track/4R9ATNRRl1uth17i5qDCc0?si=ncZqRPnFSD6XZK5Zre0uxg 3. How Do You Sleep? – Sam Smith Sam Smith released a powerful song about being hurt and lied to, which seems to work well for him. https://open.spotify.com/track/6b2RcmUt1g9N9mQ3CbjX2


It’s all about self care and treating yourself. At least that’s what we’re told by just about every social media “influencer” in existence. Don’t get me wrong, taking care of yourself (especially your mental health) should be your number one priority, but there is a line between loving yourself and obsessing over yourself. Have social networks pushed us to cross that line? Have we put such an emphasis on focusing on ourselves that we have completely forgotten how to shift our attention to others? Social media is turning us into narcissists. What makes me think my followers want to see their thirty third Sunday brunch picture of the day on my Instagram story? Well because it’s MY brunch, of c

The Ballad of Brink Gzz

I’ve finally returned from my yearly vacation out west. During this last trip to Los Angeles, California, I had quite the surreal experience. No, it wasn’t some chance meetup with a celebrity, nor was it locking eyes with some LA beauty in passing, but rather a conversation that I had with a young man, maybe in his early 20’s, at Joe’s Pizza on Hollywood Blvd. This is the brief story of my encounter with the one and only Brink Gzz (Pronounced “Jeez”). After a night of perusing the wares of three different Hollywood bars, I was about “California-ed out.” My wallet was exhausted from paying for eight dollar beers, my feet were sore from walking in the tight shoes I was wearing, and I was menta