Tis the Season For Scary Stories

Halloween is coming up fast, and one of the best ways to celebrate this time of year, aside from shoving candy in our faces, is to scare the pants off ourselves. There aren’t many better ways to check this box on the seasonal “To Do List” than to turn out the lights, bundle up under the covers, and throw on a scary movie. So, in honor of the holiday season let’s delve into some options available out there that could help make this Halloween an enjoyably frightful occasion… A Quiet Place (5 Stars) Released in 2018, A Quiet Place is the gripping story of a post-apocalyptic world where a family is forced to live in silence in order to survive monsters that hunt with ultra-sensitive hearing. Lee

Benny's Bets: A Simple Home Favorite

I hope everyone enjoyed their win last week if you took the the Houston Texans over the Kansas City Chiefs. Even though the Texans won us money last week we are going against them this week picking the Indianapolis Colts (-1) over the Houston Texans.If you listen to Everyone Has a Sports Podcast you know I’ve picked the Colts to win everytime we do our picks on the show and I’m not starting to pick against them this week. The Houston Texans are the hot new team in the NFL led by MVP hopeful Deshaun Watson. They have benefited playing 2 bad defenses in a row but this week it’ll be harder for them to score. This Colts team has had 2 weeks to prepare for Deshaun Watson and get their lineback

Week 7 Fantasy Football Love/Hate: Mixon Flourishes While Bell Flops

Comeback tour complete! Last week was an incredibly good week on my part and if you were lucky enough to heed my warnings, you likely found yourself on the winning side of your matchup. My love list included Kyler Murray (who had his highest fantasy scoring game of the season) and Adrian Peterson (who had his highest fantasy scoring game of the season), but also Dede Westbrook and Greg Olsen who both had mundane fantasy days. I’m giving myself a bonus point to because I made mention of Diggs likely having a good performance in my Dalvin Cook description. It was my hate list, though, that really made last week my best week to date. Jared Goff had by far his worst performance of the season, Da

The Origin of Joker

The comic book movie genre has exploded in popularity over the past decade, with a multitude of superhero flicks being delivered in countless forms and fashions. While viewed as entertaining and highly profitable, they are typically met with a lack of critic approval. In recent years, however, this general consensus of inferiority has begun to shift. These films have continued to evolve and, in many cases, act as a trojan horse, revealing intriguing, underlying stories disguised within the realm of superheroes. Notable examples of this occurrence have been demonstrated with comic book movies being recently conveyed as crime sagas (The Dark Knight), westerns (Logan), and political thrillers (

Ashes: A Farewell To Pick5!

We’ve all been there. You walk in on your mom and dad sitting at the dining room table, both with sorrowful looks on their faces, knowing that they’re going to have to explain to your 7 year old self that your favorite pet is going to be going away for a very long time, specifically, forever. From a dog with metastatic foot cancer (miss you, Rusty), to a cat with a terminally fatty liver (miss you too, Hobbes), I’ve experienced euthanasia multiple times in my life. Recently, I had an experience that reminded me of those morose moments of my childhood, and it retaught me a lesson that I had thought I had learned many times before. I recently had to “put down” one of my favorite creations: Pic

Not Another Tease!

Last week's game didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. The Atlanta Falcons made the Tennessee Titans quarterback, Marcus Mariotta, look phenomenal - as he threw for 3 touchdowns. Matt Ryan looked absolutely absimall throwing the football last Sunday. I will not be betting on the Falcons or Matt Ryan from now on. This is a new week though, and I have a great teaser basket for everyone to enjoy. I am doing a 10 point teaser with the Patriots, Eagles, Chiefs and Vikings. The odds for this bet would be (+110). The spreads would be as followed after teasing 10 points. Patriots (-5.5) vs. Redskins Eagles (-3.5) vs. Jets Chiefs (+2.5) vs. Colts Vikings (+5) vs. Giants The 4-0 Patriots will

Week 5: Fantasy Football Love/Hate

It’s safe to say last week was an all-time bad week on my part. I pretty much missed the mark on everyone, but thankfully James Conner came through on Monday night to somewhat salvage my predictions. Just to remind everyone, I also had Kyle Allen, Tyler Lockett, and Delanie Walker on my love list to go along with Jameis Winston, Dalvin Cook, Taylor Gabriel, and Austin Hooper on my hate list... So yeah, let’s put that behind us and look forward to bigger and better things. Like this week’s predictions that will put me back on course. Who I love: QB: Some might call me crazy for putting someone that didn’t even get 5 fantasy points on my love list this week, but that’s what I’m doing with Andy

Everyone Has An MLB Playoff Prediction

Even though my favorite Cubs are out, I’m still excited for these MLB playoffs. There are some teams I may like more than others, but I would rather see great games throughout the playoffs than any one team win or lose. With that being said, I’ll cheer for my current predictions. Thanks to stats from teamrankings.com, I was able to see how teams rank in what I considered to be important categories: Runs, OBP, Strikeout Percentage on Offense, Opponents’ OBP, ERA. It seems pretty obvious these metrics would important – score runs and keep the other team from scoring runs to win games. Aside from just the runs, getting on base and keeping other teams off base is another sign of a good team and