Gemini Man

Movies are a medium that consist of a plethora of genres. Some are more critically well received than others, but all entertain in their own ways. While dramas tend to reap higher praise, comedies and action films can be deemed worthy in their own right. The classic bellwether of what makes a movie great is how well it executes its intended message and how it delivers a cinematic experience. A horror film thrives by scaring audiences, while a comedy triumphs by inciting laughter. Action movies strive for greatness via the engineering of pure spectacle. Gemini Man meets the criteria, as it is an action-packed tale that is let down by an unfulfilling storyline, but nonetheless entertains on th

The CFB Nightmare Situation

The first official College Football Playoff rankings were released Tuesday night. I could see a scenario playing out that would force the selection committee to make some tough decisions and ignite conversation amongst the fans. Starting with a review of the top 12 teams with remaining opponents in parentheses (excluding any potential conference championships): Ohio State (Maryland, @Rutgers, #4 Penn State, @ #14 Michigan) LSU (@ #3 Alabama, @Ole Miss, Arkansas, Texas A&M) Alabama (#2 LSU, @Mississippi State, Western Carolina, @ #11 Auburn) Penn State (@ #17 Minnesota, Indiana, @ #1 Ohio State, Rutgers) Clemson (@NC State, #19 Wake Forest, @South Carolina) Georgia (Missouri, @ #11 Auburn, Te