Bless Their Hearts

Meet the hosts


Originally from southeastern Kentucky, Jamie has always loved a good mystery. Whether it is a good crime novel or a movie with a big twist, he has never been able to resist an intriguing story.

Jamie is a higher education professional in Central Kentucky, where he lives with his wife and what seems like dozens of children. He is also a part-time sports writer that covers sports from the University of Kentucky, a volunteer baseball coach, and he runs a non-profit alongside his wife that serves foster families in the area.

There are few things he enjoys more than podcasting. Those include seeing John's face after a Tennessee loss, reading comments about their accents, and holding outtakes over John's head in case he ever double-crosses Jamie


John and his family currently reside in Central KY, but he was born and raised in the mountains of Eastern Tennessee. As some would say, he bleeds orange for his Tennessee Volunteers. John is a family man first, and enjoys spending time with his young children building with Legos and babysitting baby dolls. When he isn’t spending time with his family, he could be found playing a round of Settlers of Catan with his close friends, or enjoying a long hike in the mountains to unwind.


Professionally, John supervises a team of adoption recruiters whose purpose is to find adoptive homes for children who are in the foster care system and unable to return to their biological parents. Many have asked why he has chosen to co-host a true crime podcast. He remembers the countless hours of watching “Cops” on television with his father and “Unsolved Mysteries” with his mother. These times helped create a desire to uncover interesting stories of crime and human behavior and share them with the world. Being able to record these stories with one of his best friends is just icing on the cake.


John really likes cake too.