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Stove Leg to Support Two New Podcasts

NEWPORT, KY – Stove Leg Media announced Friday that they will be supporting two new podcasts, due to release in the Fall of 2021. The two shows will be named Extreme Common Sense and Fact Off. Extreme Common Sense will be a show hosted by Trizdon and Ray that dives into just how wild the world has become and will attempt to ignite conversation between both political parties – promoting a more moderate and understanding future. Fact Off is hosted by Alex, Mike, and Pat, and your three hosts give a 5–10-minute presentation on a different topic each week. After the debating is done, it’s up to the listener to choose who had the most interesting performance.

The two creators of Stove Leg Media weighed in on the new podcasts. Richard Childers, co-founder of SLM, said, “Stove Leg is thrilled to continue bringing our audience a diverse range of on-demand-audio-experiences, and we could not be happier with the content these two shows will be providing.” Nate Metz, Director of Media (Podcast Division) added that, “These two shows will provide their listeners with a fresh and fun experience that is certain to delight all that give them a shot. I’m confident in their abilities to spread the light of Stove Leg all across the airwaves.”

These shows, which are recorded and edited by independent producers, will be available to download in early Fall of 2021. Stay current with updates from the Stove Leg crew right here at


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