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Pick5's New Music Countdown (07/22/2019)

Pick 5’s Weekly Countdown

For the week of 07/22/2019

Giving you the hottest hits of tomorrow, today.

5. Take Some Time – Surfaces

A bit of a long shot, but this is an essential addition to your summertime “relaxing by the pool” playlist.

4. I.F.L.Y- Bazzi

Bazzi is back with a solid tune – I feel as if you only can listen to him when the weather is warm.

3. How Do You Sleep? – Sam Smith

Sam Smith released a powerful song about being hurt and lied to, which seems to work well for him.

2. Acid Dreams- MAX ft Felly

MAX is riding the wave of having a massive hit with “Love Me Less,” and has another great song right here.

1. Jesus In L.A. – Alec Benjamin

Benjamin tells a powerful tale of his encounter with the “devil” in Hollywood – this is good stuff.

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Longshots that are worth a listen:

Never Seen The Rain – Tones and I

MOOD 4 EVA – Beyoncé, Jay-Z, and Childish Gambino


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