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08/26/2019: Pick5! New Music Monday

Pick 5’s Weekly Countdown

For the week of 08/26/2019

Giving you the hottest hits of tomorrow, today.

Link to Pick5! Spotify Playlist:

I’m trapped in Chicago until very late on Sunday evening (Pick5!’s recording time), so there will not be a podcast this week. However, I, thankfully, packed my tablet with me, and am able to still give you the top 5 songs that came out this past weekend. Enjoy!

5. What Am I – Why Don’t We

Boyband Why Don’t We has a sweet, lowkey single about falling head over heels for someone when you first meet them. Maybe you’re a sucker for that kind of stuff, maybe not, but this song deserves your ears at least once.

4. F You I Love You- KYLE & Teyana Taylor

KYLE and Taylor collaborate on a fun little bop that discusses being in a bombastic relationship, full of knock-down-drag-out arguments, and immediate love making afterwards. It’s groovy, and your ears will probably enjoy this tune.

3. Torn- Ava Maxx

I am very quickly becoming an Ava Max fan. Whenever she releases her debut album, (reports are for her to release it this year) I will most likely give it a listen from top to bottom. Much like our last song, this track is about being in a tough spot where you love certain things about someone, but you still are torn on whether they are a good idea to be with.

2. London Boy- Taylor Swift

I could have put several songs in this spot off of Swift’s new album: Lover, but this one has a certain charm to it that just may land another one on the charts for T-Swizzle. The album should be nominated for album of the year, and it’s political enough that I see that as a near certainty.

Longshot: Let It Roll – Album by Midland

Midland is my favorite country music group, and their sophomore album titled: Let It Roll, is full of fun and real country sounds. From the Nudie suits, cowboy hats, mustaches, and steel guitars, you know that you’re in for a good ole honky tonkin’ time. Let it roll.

1 . I Warned Myself- Charlie Puth

Puth is finally back with some original music, and this dark pop hit about Charlie messing around with a woman who had other obligations (to someone else) is lighting up the charts on its opening weekend. One of Hollywood’s most talented vocalists today is going to make waves with his next few singles, leading up, hopefully, to another album.


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