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09/02/2019 Pick5! New Music Monday

Pick 5’s Weekly Countdown

For the week of 09/02/2019

Giving you the hottest hits of tomorrow, today.

Link to Pick5! Spotify Playlist:

This is the first official post of Stove Leg September, and we’re kicking it off with five brand new songs that will certainly keep your summer party lamps burning bright. Follow our New Music Mondays playlist on Spotify, and our other Stove Leg social media accounts.

5. Not 20 Anymore – Bebe Rexha

Bebe Rexha has one of the more “real” songs of 2019. Not 20 Anymore depicts her thoughts on aging, and how she is thankful that she’s grown up a bit and isn’t making the same mistakes that she used to. In short, this song is her claiming that she has experienced a glow up while growing up, and I can’t disagree with her.

4. Warm (feat. HAIM) – Charlie XCX

Calm, poppy, everything you’d expect out of Charlie XCX and the newly popular trio: HAIM. Charlie XCX has been putting out a fair amount of new music lately, and is revving up for a collaboration album to drop in the near future.

3. Graduation (with Juice WRLD) – Benny Blanco

Benny Blanco has been one of the more impressive pop producers and artists over the last year or so, and he’s got a song with Juice WRLD that will remind you of how awful high school was. This tune is essentially a middle finger to those who weren’t great to the pop stars back in the day, as well as a realization that high school never really ends, and you still have to deal with the drama.

2. The Kids Are Coming – Tones and I

I covered Tones and I a bit after I found their song “Never Seen The Rain” to be a unique and catchy track. Tones released her debut EP this past Friday, and the song “The Kids Are Coming” is heavy hitting march that very well could be an anthem for social justice warriors across the country. Whether you agree with the kids or not, they’re coming.


Champion – American Authors

Jacques – Jax Jones and Tove Lo

When It Comes To You – Sean Paul

Too Hot- Jason Derulo

1. Circles – Post Malone

A smooth vocal showcase for Post Malone, who is gearing up for his new album: Hollywood's Bleeding to shake the music world. With this being his first single out leading up to that release, it certainly will grab the attention of music listeners across the world.

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