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Not Another Tease!

Last week's game didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. The Atlanta Falcons made the Tennessee Titans quarterback, Marcus Mariotta, look phenomenal - as he threw for 3 touchdowns. Matt Ryan looked absolutely absimall throwing the football last Sunday. I will not be betting on the Falcons or Matt Ryan from now on. This is a new week though, and I have a great teaser basket for everyone to enjoy. I am doing a 10 point teaser with the Patriots, Eagles, Chiefs and Vikings. The odds for this bet would be (+110). The spreads would be as followed after teasing 10 points.

  • Patriots (-5.5) vs. Redskins

  • Eagles (-3.5) vs. Jets

  • Chiefs (+2.5) vs. Colts

  • Vikings (+5) vs. Giants

The 4-0 Patriots will destroy the 0-4 Redskins. The rookie quarterback, Dwayne Haskins, will be going against a Patriots defense who leads the league in interceptions and sacks. The Patriots will win this game by a least 2 scores.

The Eagles will be playing at home after a big win over the Packers last Thursday. Even though the Jets starting quarterback, Sam Darnold, is expected to play, I think this game comes down to the Eagles run defense which is 4th best in the league compared to the Jets running offense which is 28th best in the league.

The Kansas City Chiefs are 6-1 SU (straight up) in their last 7 games. With Ty Hilton and Marlon Mack questionable to play for the Colts, it’ll be hard for the Colts to put up points this week. Patrick Mahomes will get back on track to winning his second MVP this week. With this tease, all you need the Chiefs to do is win.

The biggest game for this tease to hit will be the Vikings against the Giants. If you’ve listened to Everyone Has a Sports Podcast, you know I’m a big Daniel Jones guy, however, I’m going against him this week. This will be the first game where Daniel Jones will face an elite defense and I think he will struggle against the Vikings. The Vikings will get a big win and will complete our 4 team teaser.

Let's make some money.




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