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Time. We rely on this social construct for practically everything -- schedules, events, meetings, almost all daily activities. Without time, the world as we know it would fall apart. Imagine trying to go just one day without glancing at the clock. Time is important to us because it is how we keep track of our memories throughout life. It provides for us a past in which we can leave behind our mistakes, our guilt, our failures. Time allows us to heal.

But it has its downsides. Time is crucial and easily accessible. It’s because of its accessibility that we too often use it as an excuse; it’s too late, too early, maybe tomorrow, maybe next year. We put off achieving our goals and putting in the work because there will always be more time.

So each year, on the eve of the next, it comes “time” to set our resolutions. We begin debating the changes we’d like to make for ourselves weeks in advance, and then once we decide on something we say, “This will be my New Year’s resolution.” But why do we wait those few weeks? If it’s really a change that would improve our lives, why do we put it off until later? Partly because we like to honor traditions, but more importantly because we rely on time, for there to always be more of it.

I understand that New Year’s resolutions are often just a lighthearted tradition, but for many people, they can be major life changes. Well, here we are, a month into the new year. How are your resolutions holding up? No shame if the answer is, “Not well.” I would assume most resolutions don’t hold up past January. Often, we choose to work on something that we’re not actually motivated to change, and other times we are motivated, but we allow time to stand in the way.

If you have already broken your resolution, start over. Don’t wait until next year to work toward your goal again. Don’t even wait until tomorrow. Six months from now, you will be happy that you started today. Yes, your excuses are somewhat valid -- there will always be more time. It will exist forever. We, however, will not.


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