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Stove Leg to Partner with I’ve Been Thinking

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

NEWPORT, KY – Stove Leg Media announced Friday that they officially have partnered with the podcast, I’ve Been Thinking. This partnership makes I’ve Been Thinking the 13th active show on Stove Leg’s roster. Alanna Grayce Campbell, the creator of I’ve Been Thinking, said in her latest episode that, “I’m so proud that all of my hard work and support that I have been given over the past two years has culminated in me being picked up by this really awesome network, and that they are going to help me grow even more.”

Nate Metz, the director of podcasts at Stove Leg, said this about Stove Leg’s latest partnership, “This was something that has been in the works for some time, now. I remember a year ago going to a small bar in Covington, KY and meeting Alanna purely by chance. When we found out that we both were into podcasting, we made sure to stay in touch, and now we finally get to see our partnership come to fruition. This should provide our other Stove Leg shows a great platform to cross-promote, along with giving Alanna a chance to share her voice with other audiences across our network.”

You can listen to I’ve Been Thinking and other Stove Leg Media podcasts wherever you listen to your podcasts.



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