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I-70 East 7:55pm

There’s something in me that wants to run. A feeling that runs deep down past my feet into the roots and amongst the earth I seek to be a part of.

Who told you God wasn’t everywhere around you?

Because what I see, when I look at a tree line across a field of Color, is salvation.

And if I would start running towards it with the hopefulness I have in my heart that a secret was hidden in the stumps, just maybe it would actually be there upon arrival.

A secret from God so strong that it would muster up all the tears I’ve tried to cry, but couldn’t pour out all these years.

Who said I couldn’t run?

Because when I look at my skeletal, I have legs all the way up to my chest, and the only space left is for my heart, always yearning for what I know is there, but haven’t seen yet.

There’s a pain in me that wants to work from sun up to sun down. Grow things. Be outside. To feel the sun. To work with my hands.

To serve God and write beautifully.


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