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Pen to Paper

Recreate your life. You have the pen. You’ve had it this whole time to tell your story. But do we make a conscious effort to write our story every day? Motivation always gets us going, but it won’t carry you there. Discipline is what will carry you through. It’ll carry you to your goals. Discipline sounds hard but it’s only hard when you don’t want the reward bad enough. Whenever someone has wanted something bad enough, they have found a way to get it.

Give as much time and energy to your dreams as you do to your fears. That is what creates the opening for miracles and blessings to show up in your life. To achieve your financial goals, you need to put in the time and energy to make a budget. Then the hard part comes, you need to put the time and energy into the discipline to carry it out. Anyone can make a budget, and I’m sure we all have before. The difference is sticking to it. Sticking to the budget will make your financial dreams a reality.

Everyone has probably counted you out. But don’t you do it. You don’t need to prove them wrong, but what you do need to do is prove yourself right.

Time to put the pen to paper. Time to create the world you want.

Together, let’s put the time and energy into making a budget. Then together, let’s create the discipline to carry it out month in and month out.

Here to serve, Tyler Plageman


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