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The Proletarian Sun

Even in June it refuses

the urge to slack off

due to extra hours, won’t relax.

At seven-it’s a go,

lighting the way for a crew,

paving the road with light.

Sun celebrates their work,

dangling prisms on distant mountains,

rolls down slopes and builds

a head of steam through mist so even dust particles stirred

by workers do the rumba down,

glisten as flecks of gold, but still

Sun means business,

shines right through

my driver side window, heats

my cheek, ear, nose, and on

through passenger glass, lights

the whole white side of a semi

which can‘t seem to get enough

work done today, pushing the limits

swinging the curves.

About the creator: Jimmy Long

A native of Buckhannon, West Virginia, Jimmy Long earned an English degree from Marietta College in 1993. In recent years he has resumed an active writing life in Charleston where he works and lives with his family of five. Long’s work has appeared in Appalachian Heritage and Roanoke Review. In 2016 he won first prize in poetry for his submission to Mountain Ink Literary Journal.


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