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Week 4: Fantasy Football Love/Hate

Daniel Jones led a comeback, Kyle Allen brought the Panthers their first win, and Mitchell Trubisky actually looked like a professional quarterback again. I mean, who would have guessed all of these events would happen on the same weekend. The three signs of the apocalypse maybe? Well anyways, now that week four is here, I should get into who I love this week and who I hate this week. Like always though, here’s a quick recap on how I fared last week.

I loved Jameis Winston, Devonta Freeman, Mike Evans, and T.J. Hockenson so I’ll get a solid 2 out of 4 for those predictions. Winston had his highest scoring game of the season and finished as the fourth highest scoring qb for the week, and subsequently, Evans flourished and ended the week as the highest scoring receiver. Freeman had himself a good real-life performance, but that doesn’t always translate to fantasy production so he wasn’t a big help. I really missed the mark on Hockenson though because for all tight ends that finished with at least one reception, he accounted for the least amount of points of any player. The players I hated were Jimmy G., Le’Veon Bell, Demarcus Robinson, and Will Dissly. I’ll give myself a 3 out of 4 for those as Garappolo, Bell, and Robinson all finished outside the top 28 of their respective positions. Dissly ruined my prediction with a garbage time touchdown, but hey, they all count the same in the world of fantasy.

Another good week in the books for my predictions, so hopefully things keep going my way for the sake of those smart enough to take my advice.

Who I love:

QB: It’s not very often I show a whole lot of love to a guy going into his third career start, but that’s exactly what I’m going to do with Kyle Allen. He took advantage of a good matchup last week against the Arizona Cardinals, and has another favorable matchup against a Houston Texans defense that has allowed Drew Brees, Gardner Minshew II, and Phillip Rivers to all have strong performances. Look for Allen if you have a bye week qb or aren’t too happy with your current qb as he’s in for another good week.

Moose’s Prediction: 304 yards and 3 touchdowns.

RB: This is the week my friends, James Conner of the Pittsburgh Steelers is finally going to get back into fantasy relevance. He’s sure had a sluggish start to this point, but he should right the ship against the Bengals, who allow the second most rushing yards per game in the NFL this season. If Mike Tomlin knew what was good for his struggling squad, he would let the offense go through Conner, which is exactly what will happen this weekend.

Moose’s Prediction: 115 rushing yards, 1 touchdown, 6 receptions, 54 yards, and 1 touchdown.

WR: Tyler Lockett was one of the highest scoring receivers last week and is going to be following that performance with another similar line. The Seahawks are matched up with the Cardinals, who having been getting lit up week in and week out evidenced by allowing the second most rushing yards per game and the fourth most passing yards per game. It sure doesn’t hurt when you’re Russel Wilson’s main guy, either.

Moose’s Prediction: 10 receptions, 129 receiving yards, and 2 touchdowns.

TE: There isn’t much to love about the Titans passing game, but Delanie Walker remains a bright spot and is a go-to target for Marcus Mariota. He is one of the most targeted tight ends in the league and opportunities are all you can really ask for out of a tight end this season not named Travis Kelce or Mark Andrews. He also has a favorable matchup against the Falcons who just lost one of their top defensive backs for the rest of the season.

Moose’s Prediction: 7 receptions, 88 receiving yards, and 1 touchdown.

Who I hate:

QB: He was on my “love” list just last week and had one of the best performances of the week, but Jameis Winston should find himself on your benches this week. The Bucs are playing the Rams who’s defense has had three very strong performances in a row now, and will make it four straight after this weekend. Winston might have been able to light up the Giants defense (heck I might even be able to light that defense up), but he’s going to come back to Earth this week and show he hasn’t overcome his turnover issue.

Moose’s Prediction: 248 yards, 1 touchdown, and 3 interceptions.

RB: It’d be impossible not to start this guy, especially since he’s the points leader for rb’s, but Dalvin Cook won’t be having the performance we’ve been accustomed to seeing this season. There might not be a scarier defense than the Bears who let up the fewest rushing yards per game last season and are top 5 this season, so look for Dalvin to have more of an average week here. They have been vulnerable this season through the air though so maybe we’ll see a resurgence of Kirk Cousins???

Moose’s Prediction: 63 rushing yards, 2 receptions, and 17 receiving yards.

WR: One of my favorite things to do is crush a foolish hype train when I see one, and I’m afraid I’ve been hearing too many people hop aboard the Taylor Gabriel express. In his 77 career NFL games, Gabriel has had two games prior to this one with multiple touchdowns in a game, so his production is going to fall right off a cliff… a big cliff at that. Honestly, he’s probably not even worth rostering. You shouldn’t ever find yourself in a position where you need to have Gabriel in your starting lineup.

Moose’s Prediction: 2 receptions and 18 yards.

TE: Another guy coming off a really big week that won’t finish near the top of the tight end leaderboard this week is Austin Hooper. His Falcons are facing off against the Titans, who still follow the old-school model of pairing a stingy defense with a strong run game to control the clock which will only hurt the Falcons passing game. This will be a slow paced game with a low score at the end, so avoid Hooper this week unless you can’t find a way around it.

Moose’s Prediction: 3 receptions and 44 yards.

Give me your thoughts and feedback and let me know if any of these picks help you win this week. In case you’re new here, all I ask is a thank you and a share of your winnings. A pretty fair trade off if you ask me…



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