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Benny's Bets: A Simple Home Favorite

I hope everyone enjoyed their win last week if you took the the Houston Texans over the Kansas City Chiefs. Even though the Texans won us money last week we are going against them this week picking the Indianapolis Colts (-1) over the Houston Texans.If you listen to Everyone Has a Sports Podcast you know I’ve picked the Colts to win everytime we do our picks on the show and I’m not starting to pick against them this week.

The Houston Texans are the hot new team in the NFL led by MVP hopeful Deshaun Watson. They have benefited playing 2 bad defenses in a row but this week it’ll be harder for them to score. This Colts team has had 2 weeks to prepare for Deshaun Watson and get their linebacker Darius Leonard back which will give this defense a huge boost. Unlike the past couple of teams the Texans have played the Colts will be able to get pressure on the quarterback and make it difficult for Deshaun Watson. The Indianapolis Colts are also 7-1 in their last 8 home games.

The coaching advantage will be given to the Colts in Frank Reich and I think this will be magnified by the extra week to gameplan. The Colts should be favored by more than a point and I think it’s because of "recency" bias with the Texans coming off 2 wins in a row and with Deshaun Watson being one of the most entertaining players in the league. By the time this game kicks off I could see the Texans being favored as most of the public/money has been on the Texans to cover this game.

so far. Unlike the public, I have the Colts winning this game 20-27.


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