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The image above is my workout folder in my phone notes. It would be more, but I have deleted the past several years due to memory on my phone. However, I have tracked 272 workouts. That is from May 4th, 2023 dating back to April 5th, 2022. Each workout note has how much weight for how many repetitions. It has how many sets I did of those weights and reps. I wrote down how I felt during the workout some days. I could have a headache, my shoulder felt achy, legs felt tight etc. I also wrote down if I needed help finishing the set.

Because I drafted this on May the 4th I will give a George Lucas quote. “Your focus determines your reality.” When you track things, it shows your focus on your goals you have set for yourself. You’re able to measure it and see the progress you’re making towards the reality you want.

When it comes to financial goals like saving up $10,000, purchasing a car or home, paying off debt, or anything in between. It all starts with a budget. That is the tool, journal, or tracker for where we tell our money to go. By track, I mean we are accounting for every dollar. Not just some of the bills or some of the dollars. I mean every single dollar. The budget will help you focus and track your progress toward your goals. I was doing a group class where a couple had no idea how much they were spending going out to eat. After just the rough math from a conversation with them, they realized they were wasting an estimated $600 that could be going toward the goal of buying a home. If they go out and start budgeting and tracking where their money is going, then they will get to reach their goal a whole lot sooner. They will have the reality they wanted because of the focus and tracking of their money.

How are you budgeting?

Are you hitting the goals at the pace you want?

Ready to start tracking everything and need help starting?

Here to hit goals, Tyler Plageman


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