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Buc-ee's in the Bluegrass: A Stove Leg Review

Well, it's been just over a week since Kentucky received our first Buc-ee's gas station and the new addition has been met with quite the buzz. A constant flow of vehicles has filled the parking lot as everyone rushes to get that ever so coveted selfie with the beaver statue (not to mention the lower prices at the pump)!

At Stove Leg Media we couldn't pass up such a unique journalistic opportunity. Stove Leg Founders Rick and Nate were on the scene to bring our audience a firsthand account of the Buc-ee's experience and even a quick review of some of their snacks.

Our first impression was that we definitely underestimated this place. We both expected a wide range of snacks, beverages, and looked forward to a menu of other food well beyond your typical gas station expectations. What we found was home decor, not only Buc-ee clothing and merchandise but local sports attire as well such as UK and EKU apparel. We wondered into a toy section, grilling supplies, coolers, gun cases, jewelry, and many other items we couldn't have imagined a stop off at any other gas station to pick up.

We had heard others brag on Buc-ee's restrooms and they did not disappoint. Not only were the walls bound with beautiful pieces of art (available for purchase if you had deep enough pockets), but each urinal was fully walled on the sides for privacy and equipped with individual hand sanitizer stations.

At the end of our adventure, we left with our expectations exceeded and asking ourselves why? Isn't this a bit much for a gas station? Has capitalism gone too far? All fleeting questions that drifted from our minds soon enough as we crossed the massive parking lot to taste test our sweet and savory bounty. For our full review of the items we purchased, check out our video below.

At the end of the day, Buc-ee's is a place one must witness for them self. Whether we were perusing one of the massive walls of beef jerky, admiring derby paintings by the urinals, or staring in awe at the sheer amount of beaver merchandise; our experience was never dull.



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