Dear Christ

“Son of man, pose a riddle, and speak a parable to the house of Israel…”

-Ezekiel 17:2

On this day of Your resurrection, I write with the sun beaming overhead and tears of joy welling in my eyes. The news of your grace has spread far and wide, but there is much ground to cover as we continue into the 21st Century. I pray on this day for Stove Leg to be a vessel of Your Will on earth, an outpost for Your Kingdom, and a humble voice of Your Holy Spirit. In a fallen world filled to the brim with hate and deception may we not seek to further our own ideals, but to exalt the Truth of Your name. Not seeking justification through our own means, but only by the salvation afforded to us through Your blood.

May the many fruits of Your vine; grace, wisdom, love, and service be what we strive towards. Giving freely to those who seek and shedding compassion over all whom we cross paths with. Whether parable or riddle may our words guide others to Your path. For not a star hangs above if not by Your hand raising it up.

Beyond simply igniting conversation, ultimately losing ourselves in contemplation of Your never-ending majesty. The Creator, the Author, the Lamb. Our counselor, our teacher, our bridegroom, and the One True Living God; may generations of creators and thinkers from all nations to come profess your name. And I pray these things in Your name Christ. Amen.

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