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Dull Hearts and Closed Minds

Childers Creative & Commentary | Richard Childers | Substack

(Wallaceton Baptist Church 10-30-22)

You will hear but not understand.

You will see but not perceive.

Dull hearted men and women,

You hear and see every day the Word of God.

But you will not admit it.

Miracles happen before your very eyes.

And yet you reject Him.

You are one of His works.

You have given up.

But Christ is still there, amen!

Generations have longed to see as much, but never saw.

God delivered you from nothing,

That you might say,

"He deserves to be King and Lord."

But you bite your tongue until blood flows.

Just as it did on Calvary.

He has made it simple for you.

He has given you the Helper.

He has gone to the Father for you.

You have been invited to eat at His table.

The sower soweth the Word.

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