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Goals Over Resolutions

“It’s better to be consistently good than occasionally great.” -Jeff Cunningham

This message is perfect for January as everyone sets goals for the year. We are going to call them goals not resolutions. Then we are going to actually write them down with a plan, program, regimen, or whatever you want to call it to achieve that goal.

An example once given to me was to think of it like a spring. Consistently good, day in and day out. You keep putting the effort consistently in then the spring keeps getting compressed more and more. When you’re ready to be occasionally great then the results are going to be remarkable. However, that’s not going to happen unless you show up day after day and put in the work. So that means all 12 months, not trying until the middle of February and then quitting. I recently shared a video of myself hitting a personal best on squat with a client. I was using my own struggle as the representation of someone who has finally hit their goal. I hit that personal best on December 26th, 2022. It literally took me 360 days to hit the goal I set at the beginning of the year. On December 1st, I shared a client’s win where he paid off a $10,000 personal loan. Those are long treks, and we are better versions of ourselves because of the journey we embarked on. It can be done. What goals are you setting? Will they challenge you? Make you feel slightly uncomfortable? What would life look like if you set a financial goal, and it was finally achieved? If you want to have a conversation on how we can make that happen this year then use the consultation link below to get you started. Here to hit goals, Tyler Plageman


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