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The Great You Are

No matter what my father or the weathermen said this past Christmas Eve I couldn’t believe we were getting snow until I was standing on my back porch and witnessing it with my very own eyes. There was no disputing it, no more debate, no more hope or doubt. It was simply a beautiful white Christmas. What better way to celebrate the birth of a King and the fulfillment of God’s word. But even in the face of miracles we are very talented cynics. Just like I had trouble having faith in the coming snowfall, we doubt the truth of Jesus Christ. The phrase “I am” appears in the Bible in reference to God or Jesus Christ hundreds of times. From the first book, Genesis 15:1, all the way to the last, Revelation 22:16. What does it mean when the God of the Universe states, “I am”? Have you ever really given it much thought at all? If the question has always been to be or not to be, then the Great I am must be. He simply is. But where does that leave us?

We’re important too right? We like to think we are anyways. We prefer to consider things from our own point of view. Now that’s something we can get behind. I am. I know I am because here I am. We’ve been here all our lives; growing, learning, loving, hurting, and we remember it all. We are all witnesses to our own little miniature odyssey on this earth. It can be hard at times, and we gripe about all the inconveniences, but down inside we love being center stage in both our heads and hearts.

So now we get back to the true Great I Am. Not me at the keyboard, not you on your phone. The Creator of the Universe. How do we go from being so worried about our own little I am, to confessing, “Yes God! Yes, You Are!”? I’ll be the first to admit that it can be hard. This is when you must recognize that the little odyssey of your life that you love so much, yes the one mentioned earlier, well it really doesn’t amount to much more than a hill of beans, at least in the grand scheme of things. There’s another “I Am.” with a bigger vision in mind. Getting over the tall hurdle of our own egos is the first step towards genuinely surrendering our hearts. Christ’s position in the Universe is unchanging, He is. It’s up to us to recognize that truth and speak it.


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