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The Ole Patriot Cowboy Teaser

This is Ben, from Everyone Has A Sports Podcast, here with some gambling winners for this weekend! Football season is just getting into the swing of things and I am excited to see what will happen this season. My bet of the week will be teasing the New England Patriots over the New York Jets (-22) with the Dallas Cowboys over the Miami Dolphins (-22.5). I would only tease this down to 6 points, both New England and Dallas would only have to win by 17 points over their opponents. Although this seems like a lot of points to cover, I see three clear reasons why this a good bet:

1. Both the Patriots and Cowboys are at home. 

2. Both the Patriots and Cowboys are really good. 

3. The Jets and Dolphins both stink on ice!

The Jets are coming off a short week on a 20 point loss to the Browns. Their offense is really struggling this season, ranking only 31st in the league, plus they don’t have their starting quarterback. In contrast, the Patriots defense is rated the number 1 defense in the league. No chance the Jets offense is scoring on the Patriots defense.  

My next bet would be on the Cowboys/ Dolphins game. The Miami Dolphins are even worse than the Jets going into week 3. The Dolphins have been outscored by their opponents the first two weeks 102-10. They have the worst ranked offense and defense in the league.  It wouldn’t surprise me at halftime if the Cowboys quarterback, Dak Prescott, had 3 touchdowns. You can currently get 3-1 odds on the Dolphins to not win one game this whole season.  

I know teasing the two most favored teams this weekend may seem like a weak move.  This is about building some capital to start the season though. You don’t want to overthink this folks. If you just wanted to parlay both of these teams to win more money instead of teasing them I think that would also be a good play. But if you want a sure-fire victory this weekend then this is one tease you won’t regret.


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