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One Year of Sacrifice?

“If you’re not willing to downgrade your lifestyle for a year to have a lifestyle you want forever, you care too much about what other people think “ -Jim Carrey

Pretty serious line from a comedian, but it one hundred percent hits the nail on the head. I tell clients and potential clients that winning is more about what you’re willing to give up rather than what you’re willing to do. It might not be those exact words every time, but the message is sent.

People are willing to do a lot, but when asked to sacrifice something like their current lifestyle people start to cringe. However, that pressure and sacrifice can cause a beautiful outcome one day if you see it through. Don’t worry about the Joneses. They’re broke!

Where could you be this time next year with true sacrifice and downgrading your lifestyle?

Can you see through a year of sacrifice, hard work, cutting down on lifestyle, or something that is ironically holding you back from what you truly want?

Think of the goals you set for yourself in January. Is your exorbitant lifestyle in the way of that?

Here to hit goals, Tyler Plageman


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